Our solution

STEWARDS are building a thriving steward-ownership ecosystem in Greece, by raising awareness, creating tools & resources and activating aligned capital to materialise the S.O. theory of change.

Raise Awarness

Educate about steward-ownership structures.

Develop open-source resources to make steward-ownership more accessible.

Public perception: Visibility is essential so that all stakeholders can make informed decisions. Customers may prefer products and services from steward-owned companies and employees may choose to work for a mission-driven company.

Identify and attract purpose-driven individuals and companies through peer-to-peer communication, conferences, press & media, publications, events, lectures, talks and a network of ambassadors and multipliers.

Support the creation of the first steward-led companies in Greece.

Research: cooperate with universities and think tanks to analyse the effects of self-ownership on companies that have adopted steward-led structures.

Resources, Advice & Support

Legal documentation suited for the Greek legislative system (Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreement, Golden share structure, etc…).

Governance and management practices and systems (Model of organisation).

Transition coaching for employees to become successful stewards.

Consultation and advisory support.

Introduction to companies which have already adopted steward-ownership.

Stewardship certification.

Create a network of aligned and specialised lawyers, accountants, and tax compliance professionals to support the primary group.

Financing instruments and solutions.

Attract and Activate Aligned Capital

Educate prospective investors on steward-ownership.

Connect steward-ownership organisations with patient and purpose-aligned investors.


Support aligned investors to secure the long-term impact of their investments in steward-owned companies and/or transform existing companies into stewardship model.

Activate capital for steward-ownership investments.